Is Spring Ever Going to Get Here?

TulipsMy first winter in the Hudson Valley and I must say, I am a bit traumatized! LOL The winter has been super rough for everyone across the nation and I am ready to usher in Sweet Spring. In many ways, I felt like I was hibernating and brewing a gazillion ideas in my head. Actually, I am happy I had this time because it has allowed me to rest and have a clear head for the planning of Naturally Good Soaps.

What have I been up to you ask? What haven’t been up to, I say? For starters, I have been connecting with many wonderful woman in the Hudson Valley and learning about other business’. There aren’t any body care formulators in the groups I attend which is nice because it allows me to focus on the business and not how to deal with printing labels from a home printer. I have also been busy planning my teaching series at the Open Center in NYC and that has been a blast to put together.

I had attended a great IBN Meetup hosted by LaShonda from Handmade Soap Coach in her new studio space in Paterson, NJ. Wonderful connecting with other indies in a space that oozes creativity. In other news, I am gearing up to do 2 markets in the area. One in Newburgh called the Newburgh Urban Renewal and one in Beacon, NY. Will post my dates of attendance once I secure them.

I would also love to mention that I have been teaching like a mad soapy lady! Loving every minute of it, sharing my knowledge with so many people who want to learn. It like the feeling you get on your Bday morning knowing it is your day to receive gifts and love..I feel that everytime I go teach.

Please let me know if you are interested in learning something new I haven’t posted. I am also redoing the website to make it more easier for me to maintain and easy for you to navigate.

Until then my lovelies!

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